Monday, May 14, 2012


THE Amazon rain forest is the BIGGEST rain forest in the world and tropical rain forest Biome in Brazil that receives about 9feet of rain every year. Broken down into 5 layers from top to bottom: Emergent, Canopy, Under Store, Shrub Layer, and Forest Floor. Home to the Amazon River whos main river is 4080 miles long. one of the longest rivers in the world. also to the endangered Golden lion tamarin  monkey with a population at approximation 1500 =(. and also to the cocoa tree whos  leaves where used for medicine too treat fever, coughs, and anxiety by the Olmec s, Aztecs, and Mayans.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Intro to the 5 types of Biomes

THE Aquatic Biome is one of the bigest of biomes mainly because water takes up a good 75% of the world
and can be broken down into to groups freshwater witch would be ponds and rivers and marine with would be oceans. Desert Biomes hot and dry climate withn less than 50cm/year with not too many mammals.Forest biomes take up about one fourth of the earths surface classed by altitude the classes are as follows Tropical,Temperate, and Taiga. Grassland Biomes are lands dominated by grass due to lack of trees the two types of Grass Biomes are savannas and temperate grasslands. Not to be confused with the final type of biomes, The Tundra Biome witch are also known for there lack of trees and its ice/snow landscapes with terrible growing seasons with its two types arctic tundra and alpine tundra.

Monday, May 7, 2012

 Biomes are a way to categorize specific types of land, area, or environment concerning types of animals,climate, and plant life.